“There is a big difference in between the man that wants you and the one that would do anything to have you.” – letter from a friend



There will always be several man in the life of a woman. Because a beautiful woman is wanted. But it is a difference in between men; not every man deserves to keep a woman by his side. 

But there’s a thing men do not quite understand, if you have conquered a woman’s heart, then you may keep it. Well the part when you conquer a woman’s heart it’s quite easy and not as important than the part where your man is fighting for keeping you close so I do not feel the need to fill you in on that manner. If this letter will ever end up in the hands of an gentleman and will raise his eyebrows full of wonder, I want to make it clear that in order to keep a woman beside you, then you must fight for her.

Of course there are some women that are conquered and kept very easily, women that do not ask for much. They would only ask for miscellaneous things like a night out or a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day because that’s what they’ve seen their friends behaving like. I am not in the habit of calling them women, but silly girls. And I am writing to you, dear friend, in order to tell you that you have to ask for much more… simply because you deserve it!

Do not settle for a man that only wants you because you’re beautiful and delicate. Do not settle for a man who can only give you his money, nor a man who motivates all of his mistakes by saying “I love you though .” No, my dear! If you are willing to receive much, do not forget to ask for that much! Fight in order to gain respect. Yes, there are plenty of men who are going to laugh in your face, but believe me when I say this, the right man will appreciate you truly because you’re not giving in on your first week together.

A man is not grown on by having sex. At least not a man from which you want to obtain his honest respect and appreciation. Making love to a man’s mind and sipping his ideas, that means really building a relationship. Making him love your mind, your soul and then your body.

There is a big difference in between men: there are the one that wants you and the other man, that would do anything to have you.

And maybe you can’t quite understand now because perhaps you didn’t come across the right man, but do not sell yourself for cheap and wait for him. He exists, he always had. But you’re so naïve at times that you are willing to give yourself in to those who show their admiration with big words and pretty gifts. The man that is going to want you for a lifetime will not give his heart to you only after two days. He won’t undress you with his eyes on your first dance together. On the contrary, he will find himself being cold and even hard to get and he will be looking into getting to know you better, not to have you for a few nights.

Let yourself be hard to get and fight in order to show that you’re standing out from the crowd.

Make him fall in love with your truest self, not with the woman that’s always ready to leave the house with makeup on. Show him your face with no makeup on and your soul with no clothes on. Talk to him about your dreams, you ambitions and find out if he really is willing to support you. And no, of course I am not talking money here, but making him be the shoulder to cry on the day that everything will turn the wrong way, and the hand that will be right there picking you up when you fell to the ground. Show him that , in fact, you do own a personality, ideas and hopes. Show him the truest self that you can possibly be! And if he doesn’t love you for who you are, than he is not the right man after all.

Be his woman! Be honest and tell him anything that’s on your mind!

Don’t try to make him jealous by dating other man, nor suspect him of infidelity. Introduce him to the young girl that you were, the woman that you are and the woman that you aspire to become. Support him and give him your full attention! So that when things go wrong, you will be the hand that will tap him on the cheek and the kiss on his frown full of concerns forehead. Be his lover, his wife, his mother, his sister, his friend and his mistress. Explain to him why he was wrong and don’t wait for him to magically read your thoughts when you are getting a miff at him. Don’t be afraid of the beautiful silence in between you two, and do not fill every moment with pointless words. Don’t ask for material gifts, he’s true love will be enough.

Make sure that he is in love with you for everything you do not show to the whole entire world, but only he knows about you.

Make sure that your dream is his dream too and support him in all of his future actions whether they’re with you or by himself. Only then you’ll know that you have found the man that doesn’t only want to steal your heart, but he’s willing to keep you for a lifetime.


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